Panorama Lounge High Tea

It was time to see off Apple and with that, our 5 years of study group, walks home, lectures, drives and friendship. To match our sweet reminiscing, we chose to enjoy some High Tea. Crave Gold Coast had composed a review of Gold Coast’s Top Ten High Tea, of which Panaroma Lounge ranked third. We made our way through the elegant Royal Pines Resort with its fine green golf turf, lakes of waterlilies and dainty fairy lights. Panaroma Lounge had relocated to Trattoria Amici due to renovations. Such a spacious, open and modern dining area indulging the morning breeze, it was relaxing.

The lovely staff had us seated and soon, our three tiers of sweet and savory delicacies appeared before us.


Starting traditionally from the bottom tier, we had our sandwiches of ham and cheese, chicken and lettuce, and salmon and cucumber. Everyday combinations, but above average aesthetically and tastefully. The bread was crustless and soft, without a hint of stale hardness. The fillings were soft, fresh and lovely.


Next, the tier of scones, jam and cream, as well as some coffee cake. The scones were light, soft and fluffy, with such a fine dusting of flour. The coffee cakes just melted with coffee, luscious cream and crunchy nut pieces.


And finally, sweet heaven. Glasses filled with lemon and chocolate mousse, chocolate-dipped profiteroles, lemon meringue tarts, raspberry tarts and chocolate ganache tarts. The pastry was buttery and crumbled well, the raspberries were fresh and tart, the profiteroles oozed with creme patissiere and the chocolate ganache was seductive.


What was most impressive, was the consistency and detail, rendering each element perfect.

With Apple and I, both full of food and memories, the time had come to go our separate ways. However, we did not say it, because goodbyes are forever.

Panorama Lounge, RACV Royal Pines Resort, Ross St, Benowa| 07 5597 8700 |

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