Another cloudless day by the infamous harbour. We navigated through the colonies of tourists eager to capture the iconic steel arches of the Harbour Bridge and elegant curves of the Opera House. Perched atop the wharf and overlooking the expansive seawater, we met eye to eye with the third infamous giant. We were greeted with a retro aesthetic – carpet as dark as Illawarra plums; velvet chairs of a Waratah red and a reflective roof, mirroring the silver ripples of water below.

Some celebratory drinks to start.

2017-07-16 12.30.49

A taster of crème fraiche, salt bush and citrus pearls.

2017-07-16 12.47.03

Breaking bread– warm chewy crumb and a beautiful crust, with the richness of butter and herbed salt.

2017-07-16 12.49.17

Terra Petra truffle, aged Comte, roasted walnut, egg yolk – smooth sea of potato dressed by the creamy yolk of the egg; al dente wafers of truffle, interrupted by the crunchiness of the walnut.

2017-07-16 13.00.49

Mud crab, cauliflower jelly, cabbage stem, lemon puree

2017-07-16 13.00.56

Black pig pancetta, eggplant, red laver, smoked eel, hazelnut

2017-07-16 13.01.18

Raw smoked Blackmore wagyu, horseradish sour cream, fermented rye crisps, raw funghi

2017-07-16 13.01.20

Slow cooked quail with two blankets – one of fermented mushroom custard, the other of brioche porridge; topped with a crisp seed crackling and slices of chestnuts.

2017-07-16 13.22.57

Smoked confit pig jowl, shiitake, shaved scallops, Jerusalem artichoke

2017-07-16 13.22.49

Uni, koshihikari rice, cured egg yolk, fish maw, ama ebi, umami broth

2017-07-16 13.23.39-2

Murry cod, southern squid, sea cucumber, luffa, sake, lemon

2017-07-16 13.51.27

Arkady lamb, brassicas, green garlic, seaweed, nasturtium

2017-07-16 13.50.39

Intense mushroom and grains – high truffle notes, warm bass notes of porcini and sweet balsamic ties. Delicious grains provide for an all rounding nutty background.

2017-07-16 13.50.44

A walnut nest of delicacies – oloroso caramel, muscovado, pecan, dulcey and muscatel.

2017-07-16 14.16.42

Eight textured layer cake creates theatre with its final layer. Subtleties in the taste and feel of chocolates perfected and unrivalled by any.

2017-07-16 14.15.45

The infamous snow egg – custard-apple granita giving temperate and sour relief from the poached meringue and custard. Breaking the shell oozes the custard yolk.

2017-07-16 14.15.56

A culinary platform withstanding the eddy flows of time, Peter Gilmore’s well-orchestrated and native experience is truly deserving of its title.

2017-07-16 14.17.04.jpg

  • Price: $$$$
  • Service: 5/5
  • Location: Harbourside views, The Rocks, easily accessible

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