Amidst the golden straws, the lazing brown cows and skeletal gums, is a wool and shearing shed. A crosshatching of corrugated iron, brick and glass – a reflection of the intersection between the decades of our Settler and Indigenous history.


We entered through the floor to ceiling timbre doors to a panoramic view of the plains and distant undulating mountains. Saturated in the sunlight, country air and sights, we sipped our coffees.


Red Macaron tucked into the Huevos Rancheros, digging out nuggets of chorizo and beans all dressed in yolk and spicy tomato.


For me, a rocher of bircher topped with roasted coconut shavings, honeycomb, mandarins and pears. The creaminess of the quinoa, oats and chia seeds matched the earthy coconut aroma. Fragrant notes from the tangy mandarins, crunchy pears and lemon balm elevated the dish. The glistening fragment of honeycomb was just enough to highlight each element.


They say that perfection is mastering the little things and here, nothing falls short.


Glasshouse at Goonoo Goonoo Station |13304 New England Hwy, Goonoo Goonoo NSW  2340|


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