Red Macaron and I found ourselves again in the dark cobbled roads of Flinders Lane. Our path, lit by the iridescent red comical eyes. It has been too long.

We sat in front of the open kitchen, watching the entrees being created whilst catching up over Ota Umeshu and Asahi.

2017-07-27 18.58.01

We began with house roasted pepitas and fried rice cakes. The rice cakes were beautifully tender but crunchy with a sticky spicy dressing.

2017-07-27 19.06.43

Next came the Sashimi Tuna Salad – precise squares of tuna with potato, perilla kimchi and succulents, drizzled with hints of miso and toasted rice.

2017-07-27 19.09.55

Following, was the chicken and prawn dumplings – al dente wonton sheets with sweet chicken and prawn filling, rounded off with the sour and spice of black vinegar, chilli oil and fragrant shallots.

2017-07-27 19.15.48

We finished with the whole flounder – pan fried and moist fish with rich burnt butter, shaved kombu and peppery watercress.

2017-07-27 19.36.57

With the skeleton of the fish, and glasses empty, it was time. We reminisced about our memories in Japan as we headed back down the cobbled path.

  • Price: $$-$$$
  • Service: 4/5
  • Location: Central Melbourne, close to Flinders Station

180 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


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