Lake House Daylesford

Outside, the rain had begun – rippling the misty lake below. Inside, decorative plates of small painted prints were an ode to golden times and a contrast to the contemporary ruffled lights and steel table lamps. Not a fold out of place, not a speck of dust in sight; the benchmark was perfection.

We were soon greeted with a plump, warm, wheaten gift of oat dusted sourdough. A quintessential symbol of food and life, what a fitting tribute to our celebration of friendship.


A taster arrived before the mains, complementary from the chef. A pot of pickled wild mushroom, rice wafer and goat’s cheese. A tender and sweet morsel of mushroom interrupted by the crackle of the wafer and subtle tangy smoothness of the sauce.


Underneath the bubbles of cauliflower foam, lay the confit salmon snug amongst nasturtium, roe, pickled and pureed cauliflower. The soft buttery salmon was enhanced by the tart cauliflower wafers and peppery nasturtium leaves. It was all rounded off with the natural creaminess of the cauliflower puree.


Soon came the smoke filled glass cloches. Nestled atop smoking pine-needles were the finely shaped quails to be placed upon polenta, pumpkin, wild mushrooms and chestnuts. Warm roasted notes of pine with flashes of autumn orange pumpkin and nutty tones of mushroom and chestnuts.


Next was the Cone Bay barramundi sitting upon ravioli filled with Moreton Bay bugs, housemade kimchi, edamame and buds of samphire. The tenderness of  the barramundi flesh softened the hard crisp skin and matched the moist and smooth al dante cushions of crustacean. Refreshing edamame and samphire lightened the dish and the kimchi sharpened the rich sauce.


Autumn cannot be defined without apples. Small pebbles of sour sweet green apple granita with ribbons of mint hold the apple sphere. In a coating of white chocolate, the light mousse hides jewels of apple cider jelly.


And finally, the peanut butter dessert. Peanut butter parfait with a quenelle of black sesame ice-cream, shards of sesame praline and drops of taro and caramelised banana. The contrasting sesame and peanuts add savoury tones, taro adds earthiness and the bananas reinforce the sugary element.


 Teas came and went, and conversation lulled towards the return home. We left the house by the lake; a reflection of the relentless tides of friendship and a dinner suited to none other.

  • Price: $$$$
  • Service: 5/5
  • Location: natural surrounds, quiet, outskirts of town

Lake House | King Street, Daylesford, Victoria |

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