Monk Bodhi Dharma

Paved by a cobblestone alleyway, a mural of a monk greets us with his two Bengal tigers. Red Macaron and I entered the temple hearing the ringing chimes of cutlery and smelling the coffee bean incense. The humble interior of aged wood, worn brick and neat tiles created warmth as we nestled at the communal dining table.

2015-08-23 10.21.41

We read the scriptures and our messages sent with love. Our prayers were soon answered.

A glass of smooth, sweetly aromatic coffee warmed the soul without the temptations of extra sugar. A frothy mug of Chai whispered tones of ginger and cinnamon.

2015-08-23 10.23.49

2015-08-23 10.21.33

Red macaron received a blue plate of Umami Mushrooms. Glistening caps and stumps atop spinach and tomato polenta bread and finished with goats cheese and golden threads of enoki mushroom.

2015-08-23 10.27.38

For me, a Hungry Jimbo. Crispy hearty polenta bread smothered with vegemite. The salty spread contrasted with the creamy avocado; sweet popping, oven roasted cherry tomatoes; refreshing mint and basil leaves; sharp feta and a dressing of chilli oil.

2015-08-23 10.27.44

With our souls lifted, we continued on our pilgrimage of culinary enlightenment knowing we would cross paths with that monk again.

  • Price: $$
  • Location: behind the main road of Carlisle St, easily accessible
  • Service: 4/5

Monk Bodhi Dharma | Rear 202 Carlisle St, Balaclava, VIC |

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