Tim Ho Wan

With the settling of the torrential rain and winds, the skies greeted us with fortune as we made our way to Michelin-Starred restaurant Tim Ho Wan.

Our lucky charms began with the infamous Baked Buns with Barbeque Pork. Sticky tender soy coated pork encased in a pillow of fluffy bun topped with a sweet crisp top.

2015-04-21 11.07.26

Next was the Steamed Rice Flour Rolls. Tender sheets with just the right amount of firmness, drizzled with sweet light soy, earthy nut paste and a scattering of sesame seeds.

2015-04-21 11.09.30

Fish Maw with Prawn Paste. Gelatinous clean finish of fish maw topped with smooth paste with bites of prawn.

2015-04-21 11.13.23

Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp. The shiny skin of the dumpling melted away to jelly, a sign of masterful skill. The freshness of the spinach with mouthfuls of prawn, amazing.

2015-04-21 11.16.51

Though the stars above may be aligned, and good luck blessed upon those who enter these doors, the culinary kung fu is anything but luck.

  • Price: $$
  • Location: central, clean, accessible
  • Service: 4/5 for efficiency

Tim Ho Wan | The District, 436 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW 2067 |

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