Hatch & Co.

A botox injection for the face of Westfield Garden City has cultivated the expansion of the retail and food market. The previously unexciting Town Square, is now an alfresco dining oasis with a central water fountain – embracing the Queensland sun and outdoor lifestyle. Headlining restaurants include San Churro, Vapiano, Grill’d, Pancake Manor and Hatch & Co.

On this particular morning, with the warm fresh sun, lapping of water and honey brazen chairs, we lazed back and waited for Hatch & Co’s first weekend breakfast trial run.

2014-11-29 08.48.11

For Mum, the big breakfast of baked beans, poached eggs, bacon, roasted tomato, speck and sourdough toast.

2014-11-29 08.58.11

For me, the granola of warm toasted oats, coconut and almonds; chia, sunflower and flax seeds; soaked sultanas, fresh creamy yoghurt topped with juicy orange segments and a drizzle of earthy honey. As if each oat was rolled out one by one with each flake of coconut and almond toasted to perfection, the smokiness with a hint of spice was lightened by the fresh orange and yoghurt.

2014-11-29 08.58.17

Overall, a successful breakfast with much potential and standards set high.

  • Price: $$
  • Service: 4/5
  • Location: Spacious and easy

Hatch & Co. | Level 2 Westfield Garden City, Cnr Kessels Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt |

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