Moroccan Soup Bar

Brilliant hues, bronze hookahs and tables alive with laughter and merriment, such are the sights and sounds of food that feeds the heart and soul.

Tonight, a toast to friendship with Mint Tea.

2014-11-07 19.33.26

Sunshine and I began with a generous spread of Hummus, Yoghurt, Olives, Cauliflower, Chilli Beans, Haloumi, Falafels and Chilli Salsa, served with lashings of flatbread. The hummus was light with subtle spice; the yoghurt, creamy and rich; the falafels were crisp and fragrant; the chilli salsa was intense and succulent.

2014-11-07 19.38.07

Next, an earthing ground of glutinous couscous, turmeric rice, lentils and yoghurt to match the yoghurt dolloped chickpeas and vegetable couscous.

2014-11-07 19.58.01

Dustings of sumac with silvered almonds sit upon fresh yoghurt and chickpeas and crunchy pita crisps.

2014-11-07 19.58.10

Juicy portions of tagine stewed potato, carrot and pumpkin crown beads of couscous.

2014-11-07 19.58.17

Each dish reinforces contrasting flavours and textures whilst being visually vibrant and exciting. Such tantalizing tastes borrowed from the Middle-East, the roots of Africa, and hints from Eastern Europe and the Spice Road, form a uniting and unique blend that is Morocco.

  • Price: $$
  • Service: 3/5, expect a worthwhile wait, or bring a container for takeaway
  • Location: Busy, park in side streets

Moroccan Soup Bar | 183 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North, Victoria | 03 9482 4240 |
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