The Little Plate

Along the subterranean road lending its name to ‘Lower Gold Coast Highway’, small square shops sit snugly next to one another. One stands out with its glass lights suspended from the ceiling and a geometrical wallpaper framing the bar and open kitchen. It’s second hand sits next door with a vintage map of the world along one side of the wall and fashionable black flower-petal fans above. A table for three for Cilantro, Cafe-Crawler and I.

We started with Bread Crumbed Squid with Tartare – warm crisp portions of tender squid dipped in creamy, salty dill tartare sauce.


Our second entree was the Mahi Mahi Thai Fishcakes – tender fragrant portions of fishcake with a herb and spice infused zesty Thai dressing.


Next, we were served the Atlantic Salmon with Miso Mayo and Scandinavian Potatoes – beautifully grilled salmon with a creamy and soybean earthy sauce, served with diced dill potatoes and salad leaves.


Next, was the Local Mackerel with Salsa Verde and Smoked Kalamata Olives – sweet portions of fish dressed with a fragrant and light salsa verde, dotted with deliciously juicy smoky olives and warm potatoes.


Our desserts to share started with the Rosewater Panna Cotta with Pistachio Ice Cream and Chocolate Persian Floss – smooth and creamy panna cotta with an intense rosewater flavour, well balanced with the sweet nuttiness of the pistachio ice-cream and subtle chocolate from the Persian floss. Personally would have preferred the panna cotta to be a bit softer, but the flavours were well executed.


Next came the Chocolate Torte with Chocolate Ganache and Coffee Ice-cream – a warm, dense chocolate cake with a rich dark chocolate ganache and an excellently intense espresso hit with the coffee ice-cream to balance the sweet chocolate. The torte was a bit on the drier side.


A pleasant evening with Cilantro and Cafe-Crawler, as good company is always the true hero of the little plate of goodness.

  • Price: $$-$$$
  • Location: easy to locate and close parking
  • Service: 4/5

Cheers to Cafe Crawler for the images !

The Little Plate | Shop 11/3 Deodar Drive, Burleigh, Gold Coast |
The Little Plate on Urbanspoon


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