Chester Street Bakery

Along an arteriole from the aorta that is Brisbane’s James Street, cornered between two corrugated walls are some white washed tables surrounded by a picket fence. Inside, well-dressed, trendy youngsters chat away with plates adorn with slices of decadent cakes, fresh sourdough with eggs, and french toast. It was brunch time for Pineapple, Sunshine and I at Chester Street Bakery.

2014-08-10 12.15.01

Sunshine started her day with a plate of sweet, delicious and warm Blueberry Pancakes with Honeycomb.

2014-08-10 12.44.19Pineapple ordered the Roasted Vegetable Galette – crisp flaky puff pastry base topped with slices of warm roasted vegetables. Alas, the fork to my meal beat my fingers to the camera and missed photographs of Pineapple’s plate.

For me, the Salmon Hash Cakes – crisp warm parcels of sweet smoky salmon entwined with potato, capers, parsley, red onion and shallots, served with aioli, avocado and a lemon wedge.
2014-08-10 12.51.42Three tummies full and three hearts full; reminiscing the gap between our last reunion together and tying the knots between loose ends. We looked ahead to when our timelines will next intersect; as each moment we spend together becomes a grain of precious sand to our hourglasses. Any excuse to meet is a good excuse.

  • Price: $$
  • Location: just 5 min from the main James St district, easy parking
  • Service: 3/5

Chester Street Bakery | 32a Chester Street, Newstead, Brisbane |
Chester Street on Urbanspoon


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