Black Coffee Lyrics

In a cul-de-sac of sizzling woks, Thai herbs and bowls of steaming Ramen, up a flight of stairs is a warm glow lighting up a wooden doorway. Inside, tables are surrounded by dusty bookshelves and bottles of craft beer, bathed in an egg-yolk lantern glow. Tonight was a supper affair with Double-Choc and Moustache at Black Coffee Lyrics.

Drinks to start included an Orange Surprise for Moustache and Double-Choc’s full-bodied Earl Grey cocktail, ever so cunningly disguised in a teacup.

2014-08-14 20.07.32

We began with crumbed Camembert served with Red Cabbage, Orange Segments and Marmalade. The crunch and chew of the morsels of melted milky Camembert were accentuated by the tart orange, acidic balsamic and sweet marmalade.

2014-08-14 20.38.28

Double-Choc wasted no time devouring her Pork Belly with Apple and Parsley Salad, Brandy Apple Glaze and sprinkled with Pork Crackling Dust.

2014-08-14 20.38.17

Moustache and I were plated the Pasta. Silky sheets of hand cut pasta dressed with eggplant ragu, parmesan, pine nuts and grilled tomato, topped with parsley crumb and rocquette. The chef gladly entertained Moustache’s eggplant aversion with an olive variation.

2014-08-14 20.38.40

Overall, a cosy, vintage restaurant full of tongue-and-cheek which deserves a second visit with coffee and lyrics to match.

  • Cost: $$-$$$
  • Location: more secluded section of a busy central area
  • Service: 4/5

Black Coffee Lyrics | Level 2 Centre Arcade, 3131 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise |

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