Riverbar & Kitchen

Draped with coils of thick ropes and anchors, lined with white weathered boards, old paintings of boats and many a sea trinkets, Riverbar & Kitchen is Matt Moran’s seabreeze baby. By day, a casual yet refined restaurant; by night, a smart, fresh and lively bar.


Another excuse to enjoy our Sunday lunches outside. To start, a small helping of Chili Salt Squid – tender and crisp without the unwanted chewiness, tossed with chili and served with a zesty coriander and lime emulsion.


Little Brother was plated up the Five Spice Roasted Chicken with Coleslaw and Lime. Sticky succulent chicken in an aromatic five spice sauce served with a fresh asian coleslaw of cabbage, coriander and chili.


On my plate, a Tuna Steak with Peperonata and Gremolata. A hearty cut of tuna on a bed of warm sweet and tart peppers and olives, drizzled with fresh gremolata. A bit overdone to my liking, but lovely nonetheless.


For Mum, the Artichoke, Olive, Oregano and Haloumi Pizza. Sharp artichoke pieces grounded by the sweet tomato paste and melting haloumi pieces. The crisp crunch of the thin base was mouthwatering enough.


In front of Dad, a board of Roasted Pork and Potato Bake with Onion Rings. A generous serving of juicy pork chop smothered in a rich gravy, creamy baked potato and crisp onion rings.


A lovely lunch by the river with classy upmarket cafe feel and a beautiful concept that brings the waves of the sea to the diner.

  • Price: $$$
  • Service: 4/5
  • Location: easy to find, parking available, open dining experience

Riverbar & Kitchen | Promenade Level, 71 Eagle St, Brisbane 4000 |
Riverbar & Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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