Sake – Brisbane

As sharp and intoxicating as its ancestral form, Sake is the katana of the culinary world. Lead by Executive Chef Shaun Presland and Head Chef Shinichi Maeda, there leaves only room to impress. And being Mother’s Day, only the best should be given.

Welcomed by dark timber boards graced with yellow orchids and cherry blossoms, chattering of knives, and twinkling of glass, here, traditional Japanese resonated through the contemporary design.


To start, we had the Tofu Experience – Silken Tofu Salad with classic miso dressing, radish, spinach and onion; Agedashi Tofu of deep fried tofu in a dashi stock and Fried Silken Tofu. Three dishes of tofu conventional to many restaurants, but unique with such refined and clean flavours.


Unfathomable to miss a plate of sushi, we had the Futomaki. A sumo roll filled with tamago, eel, tuna, radish, shitake, cucumber, avocado, prawn and ginger. Each element pronounceable in taste, yet well complementing.


Then was Mother’s order of Teriyaki Chicken, which is a staple to many Japanese restaurants, but nothing compares to this glistening, tenderized breast that melts on the tongue. The rich dark sauce and crisp bok choy further heightened the dish. Unsurpassable in quality.


Next, the Galantine of Quail – Stuffed with pickled burdock root and shiitake mushrooms, glazed with soy-orange and served with portions of golden beetroot, radish, spinach and carrot. Each piece is like a brushstroke, so carefully placed. Such appreciation in the depth of culinary skill and technique seems wasted when placed so quickly in one’s mouth.


The conquering hero of all was the Miso Barramundi. Supple, moist barramundi that parted like butter, and laden in a sticky, sweet and tart miso sauce. Never, has a portion of barramundi been so captivating in taste and texture.


With such high quality produce, contemporary signatures on traditional flavours and culinary marksmanship, Sake outperforms on all fronts. An experience unlike any.

    • Price: $$$
    • Service: 5/5 – prompt, accommodating, and approachable
    • Location: Central, easy to find, undercover parking

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