By the river, on the banks of Teneriffe, Aqualinea opens up with its sharp, white tables and bauble-like wine glasses. With views to impress the eye, we await the tastes to impress the tongue.


 To start, Oysters Au Natural on a bed of rock salt and a cheek of lime.


 For two, the Signature Seafood Paella laden with fresh Moreton Bay Bugs, juicy Tiger Prawns, Tasmanian mussels, portions of salmon, chorizo, soft tomatoes, seared lemon, peas and saffron rice. The rice was al dente, each portion of seafood was generous in size and flavour with a freshness that spoke true. Such a good balance of spice, zest, sweet and smoky, and by far a paella unmatched.


 Little Brother lavished in his North Queensland Lobster Tail served with Bernaise sauce and scorched lemon. Tending towards a bit overcooked, the lobster was well seasoned and picked clean.


In front of me, mushrooms in a tofu canelloni in a smooth and rich veloute with peas, artichoke heart and yuzu. An interesting concept with the folded tofu and the earthy sauteed mushrooms warmed by the creamy sauce.


A classy restaurant with gorgeous seafood and beautiful plates of food with more than what meets the eye.

  • Price: $$$
  • Service: 4/5
  • Atmosphere: Fresh, classy, outdoors

Aqualinea | 70/39 Vernon Terrace, Teneriffe | 3257 2266 |

Aqualinea on Urbanspoon


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