Reef Seafood and Sushi

  The revival of the 1887 skeleton of Newstead’s gasometer, now a contemporary signature of Brisbane’s past, is just one example of the global trend of sustainable urbanization. In some ways, it reflects the hopes that amongst the sea of technological change and future advancements, history can continue to breathe alongside it.

It is here, where young roots meet old earth, our food adventure begins.



 Encircled by various shops, cafes and restaurants, one in particular displayed glistening bright fish on white ice, creamy oysters and tangerine clad prawns and bugs. Alongside the fresh seafood were rolls and squares of freshly cut sashimi and sushi, as well as steaming hot crumbed fish and chips.

Since there were a few of us, namely Big Salmon, Breadface, Mum and Aunt, we spoilt ourselves with a seafood platter. Freshly cooked Moreton Bay Bugs, large and striped prawns, Alaskan Crab legs, fresh and cooked oysters, cheese-grilled scallops, smoked and fresh fish, glamorous sushi and an assortment of crumbed fish, scallops and calamari.



The pictures say it all. Truly impressed by the freshness and quality of seafood given to us with much attention to detail. Highly recommended for a stunning lunch.

  • Price : $$-$$$
  • Location: Thriving, upmarket atmosphere, 2 hour free parking inside Gasworks Plaza
  • Service: 3/5

Reef Seafood and Sushi | Gasworks Plaza, Tenancy A1-d Gasworks Tower, Skyring Terrace, Newstead 4007 |

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