Grocer & Grind

 Behind the Gold Coast Convention Centre, at some lonely traffic lights, an ebony and oak cafe is marked by its black umbrellas and a brick wall labelled Grocer & Grind. Already clinking with knives and forks, whirring with coffee grinders and full of chatter and laughter on a Monday morning, one can already see the line-up on the weekend.

Happily seated outside in the breeze and sun, Jelly and I continued our rendezvous.

For Jelly, an Open Steak Sandwich filled with tender beef, fresh lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts, sauteed onions, cheese and a side of sweet potato fries.


On my plate, the Salmon Eggs Benedict. Layered on top of the organic rye sourdough was smashed avocado, grilled salmon fillet, two poached eggs, topped with hollandaise sauce and gherkins and pickles to garnish. The tangy and creamy hollandaise sauce just melted into the crisp, smoky and succulent salmon and the cleanly poached soft eggs. The pickles, gherkins and capers added a nice salty and tart element to cut through the heavy sauce.


The cabinet of raw and organic cakes and sweets was very tempting, but brunch had us satisfied and filled to the brim. Overall, their fresh, local and healthy approach to food is similar to that of Blackboard Coffee and Sourced Grocer, but their style of cooking, diversity in dishes and all day breakfast score Grocer & Grind extra brownie points. Definitely to be visited again.

  • Price: $$
  • Location: Easy parking, quiet suburban area
  • Service: 3/5

Grocer & Grind | Shop 1/1 Sunshine Boulevard, Broadbeach Waters, 4218 | 5527 6223 |
Grocer & Grind on Urbanspoon


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