Auchenflower Cafe

The first fresh morning of the weekend – such a feeling of bliss. After a good boxing session, I had to make a brief stop at Hellene Food Brokers, who stock good quality nuts, dried fruit, olives and feta at a bargain price. And a trip to West End means a bottle of my favourite Blackstar Iced Coffee. Now, time for brunch with the girls.


Pooch, Bunny, Stiletto and I gathered at the snug and local Auchenflower Cafe. A cosy, yet bright atmosphere, and the steady stream of customers was a good sign. The menu was simple and short, but despite the variety, the girls all ordered the Avocado Sourdough Toast with Feta and Sumac. Birds of a feather, flock together. Though, Pooch did substitute Haloumi for Feta without any issues.


For me, the House Granola with Poached Apples and Pear, Topped with Vanilla Yoghurt. I loved the toasted pecans, almonds and coconut, the tart cranberries and well poached autumn fruits. A smaller portion of grains in this granola which worked well. The only criticism would be the icing sugar, as the granola itself was sweet enough.


Brunch soon become afternoon tea as one conversation lead to another. We eventually departed from this neat little suburban cafe and continued onto our afternoon travels. Overall, a nice retreat from the traffic and crowds, for a simple, heartfelt breakfast.

Auchenflower Cafe | 97 Haig St, Auchenflower QLD 4066 |

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