Einstein’s 251

The alchemist in red macaron had created a formulation and was desperate to show me. I was presented with a wooden table of flowers and beakers of water, then a menu of elements.



Our lesson began with a jar of iced coffee.


Next, the physics of gravity with a Stack of Mama’s Latkes, Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg. The crisp and thin potato and spring onion Latkes were grounded by the smooth smoked salmon, perfectly poached egg and creamy horseradish sauce.


And finally, the thermodynamics of heat when applied to a pot of Spinach, Feta and Eggs with dustings of Spice and sides of Flatbread and Beetroot Relish. The creamy yolk was wrapped by soft whites, before being broken and melted into the spinach and spice, and sweetened with beetroot. The flatbread was absolutely moorish.


Stunned by this tasty and tantalising lesson, which demonstrated the application of physics to middle eastern flavours and breakfast. It was a good matter of time and space, and I loved every atom of it.

Einstein’s 251 | 251 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North, VIC | 03 9939 5135 |

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