CNF Bar Cafe

It was brunch time for The Quattro. Missy K, Big W and the Red and Blue Macarons were browsing Chapel Street with empty stomachs but mouths brimming with conversation. Not long before we came across a busy glass and mahogany cafe.

The coffees were served and soon after, the plates of brunch.

Missy K and Red had a plate of the Smoked Salmon and Potato Hash Stack. A well seasoned potato and herb hash with slices of smoked salmon, topped with a happy poached egg, covered with hollandaise sauce.


Big W ordered the Big Breakfast of two poached eggs, sausage, potato hash and bacon, served rye toast.


For me, the Vegetarian Breakfast of roasted tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, potato hash, two poached eggs and rye toast. Ordering with a stomach smaller than the eyes, it was delicious nonetheless. The tomatoes were soft and bursting with juice, the mushrooms earthy and tender, the eggs were full and yolky, the potato hash well seasoned and textured and the bread, sweet and crisp.


A simple and delightful breakfast on a warm Melbourne Saturday.

CNF Bar Cafe| 572 Chapel St, South Yarra | 03 9827 4854|

CNF Bar Cafe on Urbanspoon


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