What is one of Brisbane’s heritage listed sites rich with early settler history, Libertine adds a vibrant Vietnamese-French air to The Barracks of Paddington. Here, walls are woven with golden sea dragons and juxtaposed against European chandeliers and candlesticks with frozen with waxy glaciers. The profound intertwining of East and West resonates through the restaurant’s beautiful design and food.



As recommended by our waiter, we ordered the 7 dish banquet and here were some of the highlights. We started our lunch with Crabe à la noix de coco – soft smooth sandcrab marinated with coconut and chilli, on a betel leaf and crisp sesame rice cracker, topped with strings of kalifer lime.


Next we enjoyed the soy laced pork mince in fresh lettuce cups and topped with mint and basil in the San choi bao.


 Then, Salade Vietnamienne was served – tender portions of moist chicken mixed with vibrant red cabbage, carrot, lettuce, capsicum and mint, drizzled with a sweet and tangy dressing, accompanied by a side of sesame rice crackers.


The finale of Rotî de porc, stole the show – glistening squares of pork belly sticky with soy marinade and spicy honey glaze, resting on a bed of carrot puree and topped with shards of shallots, shoots and chillies.


Such a beautiful lunch which pleases the mouth with flavoursome contrasts and textures; and the eyes with attractive colours and shapes.

Libertine Bar and Restaurant | No.5, The Barracks, 61 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane | 07 3367 3353 |

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