Dim Sum Delight

Yum Cha is a food tradition in our family. It’s a time when we can all sit together and share morsels of hot steaming dumplings, buns, meats and vegetables while sipping cups of Jasmine Tea.

A good Yum Cha restaurant is thus essential and once found, our faces will quickly become familiar. After many recommendations, we decided to try Dim Sum Delight.

We had Black Bean Eggplant Stuffed with Fish Meat, BBQ Pork Pastries and Prawn and Vegetable Dumplings.


Stir-fried Capsicum stuffed with Fish Meat.


Steamed Chicken Glutinous Rice, Steamed BBQ Pork Buns and Pork Wrapped in Bean Curd.



And finally, some Crispy Dough Sticks Wrapped in Rice Noodles and Fried Whiting.


There was a good varied selection of Dim Sum to choose from as well as order. The only difference with this Yum Cha is that the absence of food carts, which is barely a loss, considering the freshness and quality of the dishes. Staff were also very accommodating.

With such beautiful food, Dim Sum Delight has touched the hearts and stomachs of us all.

Dim Sum Delight | Shop 5, 217-219 Ron Penhaligan Way, Robina| 07 5593 1298
Dim Sum Delight on Urbanspoon


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