Sourced Grocer

A much loved foodie hotspot, Sourced Grocer has nailed the modern day appeal for fresh, organic and wholesome food. The shelves are filled with products such as Farmer Jo’s Muesli, Tetsuya’s Wasabi Paste and Co-Yo to fresh fruit and vegetables as well as brown paper bags full of quinoa, couscous and dessicated coconut.

Seated on padded milk crates, surrounded by pot plants and the aroma of coffee, Pooch, Missy K and I fell into deep conversation as we waited for the orders.

One capppucino to start…


Then came the Smashed Avocado with Labneh served on Sourdough and a Bagel sandwich of Sauteed Mushrooms with oozing Camembert Cheese and Rocquette.



For me, the Handmade Falafel served with Yoghurt, Tomatoes and Zucchini, on a Quinoa, Herb Tabbouleh. The beautiful crisp yet nutty falafels with the tangy, creamy yoghurt, a hint of zesty lemon and the fresh parsley, shallots, rocquette and spinach were singing with such clean, fresh flavours. Then bursts of sweet tomato and smooth zucchini added some interest too.


Worth every mouthful and every moment, but what truly makes a great meal, is good company.

What a wonderful morning :)

Sourced Grocer | 11 Florence St, Teneriffe |

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