Bonsai Botanika

A sweet afternoon snack was our calling as Sunjo, Jelly, Pooch and I roamed the shops of Queen Street Mall. We headed to Passiontree but the rustic bicycle, gorgeous display of organic chocolate treats and the paperboard listing of hot chocolate, coffee and matcha lattes, all stopped us in our tracks.


Ordering proved to be a head-scratcher since we had a choices ranging from Iced Matcha Latte, to Peanut Butter Manschy or Coffees with your choice of 50-70% cocoa chocolate shot or a generous slice of flourless chocolate cakes. Regardless of our final decision, the coffee beans and cocoa were all sourced organically and ethically which meant a good choice for all.

We explored upstairs to find a Japanese bar complete with sake and a serve of ramen. Both modern yet rustic, it mimics the trendy bars of Japan.



Sunjo ordered a small 70% Ecuadorian Hot Chocolate. Pooch had the medium Hot Chocolate with 50% cocoa.


Jelly drank the Mocha Manschy.


I sipped from the tall glass of Iced Matcha Latte which was refreshing with a strong Matcha flavour.


Visually stunning food and drinks set in a modern yet classy atmosphere, Bonsai Botanika has found its roots in Brisbane’s ever-growing food scene.


Bonsai Botanika |109 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane 4000 | 3210 0059 |

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