Chapter Two Espresso

Briskly walking along George St and surpassing a Blackstar Coffee Shop, I knew I was in the right place for a breakfast rendezvous with Pooch. Chapter Two Espresso is a bright and fresh cafe with a constant flow of caffeine-hungry customers, so be quick to the tables.

Pooch ordered a Cappucino and a Breakfast Wrap of the classic Bacon and Egg with Spinach neatly wrapped with a brown string.


I ordered their special Banana, Date and Kale smoothie and a gorgeous Toasted Spelt Muesli topped with Yoghurt and Fruit Compote. The fear of an overly sweet muesli topped with more sugary compote was completely dismissed, as the earthy, nutty and textural spelt, seeds and oat mixture matched with the luscious compote and smooth yoghurt.



We chatted the morning away and parted just before the lunch crowd. The city always surprises me with its cafes hidden amongst the seemingly unchanging landmarks and high-rises. Let the coffee story unfold.

Chapter Two Espresso | 420 George St, Brisbane | 3236 2080 |

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