RockSalt Modern Dining

Hand-in-hand, we meandered along Albert Avenue, enjoying the cool Spring air and the soft restaurant lights. Tonight was a special celebration for the Red and Blue Macaron at RockSalt Modern Dining.


The night started with a toasted crisp loaf accompanied by goat’s cheese, roasted garlic and balsamic. Simple, yet so refined with flavour: sliced pillows of bread paired with garlic soft enough to smear on, hints of balsamic and decadent goat’s cheese heightened by the sprinkles of olive oil and sea salt on the crusty exterior.


Next, the King Prawn Risotto with Salmon Caviar – bites of perfectly cooked prawn, creamy yet tender risotto and layers of zesty lemon, fragrant leek, salty caviar and sprigs of microherbs.


For mains, a Saffron Linguine of Zucchini, Spanner Crab and Tomato– rich, fragrant, still beautifully warm with juicy bites of tomato, succulent morsels of crab entangled in fresh linguine.


As well, an Eye Fillet of geometrical beauty, colours and heights; and perfectly succulent. An aesthetically and tastefully satisfying plate.


The dessert of the night was the Callebaute Milk Chocolate Creamux – quenelles of Callebaute chocolate ganache adorned with feuilletine crunch on a bed of powdery peanut butter snow, sprinkles of Frangelico jelly, malt and peanut butter brittle. With salty buttery caramel, warm earthy peanuts and varying tones of chocolate, this dessert is breathtaking.


With full bellies and full hearts, the night of romance had merely begun.

Rocksalt Modern Dining | Shop 12, The Aria Building, Albert Avenue, Broadbeach | 5570 6076 |
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