Yum Cha at Sunnybank

Yum Cha. A phrase that conjures basket upon baskets of steamed delicacies, plates of fried and baked meats, veges and buns, noodles and all things Asian. To make life easier for all, here’s a guide to the prime suspects around my local area of Sunnybank.

  • Landmark in Sunnybank Plaza has had a makeover over the last few years and is well renowned for its Yum Cha, as it is heavily packed on weekends, requiring customers to take a ticket and wait in line. Quality of food is average, as the quality is sacrificed for the sheer volume that has to meet customer demands. (Shop 101 Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough Street Sunnybank, QLD)
  • Parkland across the road at Sunny Park is a branch of Landmark, yet the food is of somewhat better quality and not as busy as its counterpart. (8, Sunny Park Shopping Centre, Cnr of Mains Rd & McCullough St  Sunnybank, QLD)
  • Shangri-La at the back of Sunnybank’s Market Square is a family favourite, though smaller in size, its food is much nicer. (Shop 1, 309 Mains road, Sunnybank Hills, Sunnybank)
  • HaoKe Chinese Restaurant at the Yong Centre across from Sunnybank Hills Shopping Centre is one of my favourites with a more varied selection and fresh, good quality food. My favourite to order here is the Vegetarian Bao (Shop 36, 223 Calam Road 
    Sunnybank Hills)
  • Manor Chinese Restaurant does midnight Yum Cha which is good for those late night cravings but dining experience can be a chaotic with frantic staff, limited tables and long waits for popular dishes. It is a shame as food here is decent. ( Cnr Gaskell St and Angel St Eight Mile Plains)
  • Taste Gallery in Market Square is one we don’t often frequent but was really popular when it first opened. Yum Cha there tends towards a Beijing cuisine but food there is average.
  • Big Gun Chinese Restaurant 10min further out from the main Sunnybank area is another one of my favourites because tables are relatively easy to come by if one arrives there early, the staff are much more accommodating and food is of authentic quality. (Shop 7/2922 Logan Rd, Underwood)

Here’s the selection we had one weekend with the family:

2013-09-22 11.04.56

My favourites were both seafood and vegetable dumplings with the clear skin – tender yet strong enough to hold all the delicious morsels of vegetables and prawn inside.

2013-09-22 11.18.29

In my pre-Pescetarian days, my favourite to order here was the Chicken Bao – soft fluffy steamed buns with fragrant and moist chicken filling inside.

This by no means is a professional review and only my opinion of what I’ve experienced so far which may be different to what you like and try. So, I hope this guide is of some use to you on Yum Cha weekends with the family and happy eating to you all :)


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