From Earth and Water

The salty sea breeze fell softly onto the wooden floorboards, while the white washed walls were coloured by the nodding flower buds and vibrant plates of food from earth and water.



It was a beautifully warm day by the beach as Cilantro, The Cafe Crawler and I browsed the paper menu.


Soon enough, we made our important decisions and continued chatting away.

For Cilantro: The Chopped Salad of crisp cucumbers, chickpeas, coriander and avocado topped with raw yoghurt and fresh tender shoots.


The Cafe Crawler: Sourdough Tartine of avocado, almond feta on fresh slices of sourdough


And I: Lentil pattties on raw bread topped with raw yoghurt sprouted seeds a side of dill pickles. The lentil patties were nutty and tender, the pickles crisp and sour. The raw bread was a definite highlight of the dish – dense yet retaining all of the fluffiness of freshly baked bread – absolutely delicious!


After mains, our greedy eyes were tracing the delectable desserts, but our tummies were full to the brim with nutritious goodness.

Such a gorgeous, wholesome lunch on a beautiful day with the two lovelies. It will not be long before we return again :)

From Earth and Water |2 West St , Burleigh Heads | 0403 672 191|

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