Le Bon Choix

Sheltered by a large tree in the quiet end of Queen St is the beautiful French Patesserie, Le Bon Choix. Behind the glass counter lies sweet temptations: little round, square and rectangular cakes glossed with beautiful colours, or smooth chocolate ganache, or decked with macarons, fruit and luscious meringue; plump croissants bursting with fresh cheese, delicatessen meats and lettuce; artisan breads and delicate macarons.


A favourite of mine must be the Miroula cake – a smooth and rich chocolate macademia mousse with a sweet creme brulee centre, dressed in a sexy, black, glossy ganache and studded with macarons.

For my birthday, Mum bought the Lucie – soft pillows of strawberry mousse with a delicate coconut dacquoise crowned with coconut shards, strawberries and macarons.



For a gorgeous coffee date, sweet afternoon tea or to breathe in the smell of beautiful French cakes, Le Bon Choix awaits you.

Le Bon Choix | 379 Queen St, Brisbane | 3229 9260|

Le Bon Choix - CBD on Urbanspoon


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