Su Life Vegetarian Restaurant

Filled with simple chairs and tables, and surroundings of laminated pictures of Asian Vegetarian dishes, Su Life is a very popular vegetarian restaurant on Brisbane’s South side. At every visit, there will always be a large table reserved and many diners seated inside and out. They boast an impressive menu with dishes influenced by all corners of Asia – Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Taiwanese just to name a few.

The first time visiting here, Dad and I ordered:

Three Cup Eggplant – sweet, sticky and salty eggplants with a hint of fresh Asian basil.


Sweet and Sour Mushrooms


Lemon Soy Protein ‘Chicken’


Salt and Pepper Mushrooms


Braised Tofu and Vegetables – light and comforting meal of warm soft tofu and vegetables.


More recently, we visited here again and the food was even more impressive. We ordered:

Vegetarian Char Kway Teow – stir-fried flat rice noodles with vegetables in a delicious soy sauce.


Taro Bowl of Stir-fried Vegetables – a crispy bowl of taro containing a deliciously crisp stirfry of beansprouts, cabbage, carrot, peppers, mushrooms and soy protein. Unique and the highlight of the lunch.


Tofu Fried Rice – broken rice with soft tofu and colourful vegetables.


Sweet Sour Fish – mildly sour and peppery sauce blanketing a crispy soy based ‘fish’ and julienned bamboo, mushrooms, beansprouts, tofu, carrot and topped with coriander garnish.


For a vegetarian take on Asian flavours, Su Life is a must visit :)

Su Life Vegetarian Restaurant | Shop 4 Palmdale Shopping Centre, 2120 Logan Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt | 3349 5995|

Su Life Vegetarian Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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