Saigon Alley Cafe

Past Anzac Square on the further side of Adelaide Street, there’s a small café with a mural of Vietnamese street diners and splashes of red, yellow and black throughout the shop. Saigon Alley Café delivers on its theme of Vietnamese Street Food, providing fast meals without losing the authentic, aromatic, Asian flavours. I was glad to see Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Crepes) on the menu as it doesn’t seem to make a regular enough appearance at Vietnamese restaurants around the city. Other classics like Banh Mi (Vietnamese Baguettes), Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup), Bunh Thit (Vermicelli Salad) and of course, Goi Cuon (Rice Paper Rolls) were also readily available for office workers to grab and go. Their packages of Rice Paper Rolls came with a nice sprig of Asian Basil which was a nice touch.

Mum ordered the Lemongrass Grilled Chicken Vermicelli Salad. Juicy lemongrass infused chicken with fresh rice vermicelli, mint, lettuce and cucumber.


I’ve badly craved Banh Mi for a while and hadn’t been able to find many places that did vegetarian variations until now. I ordered the Tofu and Mushroom Banh Mi. Gorgeous crust surrounding the soft inner bread, filled with sweet onions, mushrooms and tofu, sweet and sour carrots, fragrant coriander and hot chilli- happiness in a bread roll.


Will definitely be back here again :)

Saigon Alley Cafe | 313 Adelaide St, Brisbane | 3194 7218 |

Saigon Alley Cafe on Urbanspoon


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