Warm, glowing amber lights, solid wooden tables, stone walls and surrounding pictures of trees and lambs adds to the Greek dining atmosphere of Hellenika.

Welcomed in by the roasting fragrances from the kitchen and smiles from the waiters and waitresses, we were already impressed.

As Sherbet, Banana, JJ and I were planning our dinner, our glasses were filled and napkins laid out. We were asked whether we’d like to reserve a plate of their specialty 5 Hour Roasted Lamb Shoulder – an offer dared not to be turned down.

We started with an entree of Fried School Prawns, Calamari and Whiting. Though deceivingly small sized creatures, with each crisp bite, you could taste the ocean.


For mains we had the 5 Hour Slow Baked Lamb Shoulder with Potatoes. The girls were impressed with the succulent meat falling off the bone and this was definitely a highlight of the night.


 The meat-free main of Spanakopita was unlike any other – curled and baked in its pot, the filo was brilliantly crisp, the spinach was wholesome, had texture and matching beautifully with the creamy feta melted in.


 We also ordered the Village Salad – crunchy cucumber, tomatoes, olives and onion with a slice of soft feta, all drizzled in olive oil. I loved the soft feta, being such a stark contrast to the cold hard feta one would normally eat.

A beautiful night of Greek food shared with the gorgeous girls :)

Hellenika lives up to every expectation.

Hellenika | 2235 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby Beach | 5572 8009 |

Hellenika on Urbanspoon


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