Koncept Fusion

Modern yet with a home feel to it, Koncept Fusion brings together traditional Japanese dishes with Thai, Chinese and French and Malaysian cuisine. Studying the menus and photos prior our visit, their plating was outstanding for a local restaurant. Unfortunately we didn’t order many visually stunning dishes :( time!

For starters, we had Drunken Clams – pippies braised in rich butter, spicy chilli and a lingering of sake.


Our first sushi was White Dragon – cubes of salmon entwined with a light mayonnaise, oak lettuce and topped with seared scallops.


Our second sushi dish was the Red Dragon – fresh scallops with roe topped with seared, smoky and creamy salmon. Almost a reverse of the first sushi, but the intensity of spice and smoke was nicer in this dish.


Dad ordered the Spicy Salmon Fried Rice – spiced with chilli and bites of black pepper, crunchy beansprouts and bites of salmon.


Finally, the Char Udon – a twist on the classic Malaysian Char Kway Teow (stir-fried flat rice noodles). The flavours did not really reflect the Malaysian dish, so I would’ve just preferred the Yaki Udon.


An interesting and creative slur on Japanese cuisine ideal for a casual dinner date or sushi tapas. I really enjoyed the sushi and would love to try more of the entree and signature dishes, as well as to be amazed by their beautiful plating.

Koncept Fusion Bar and Restaurant | 1295 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt | 3420 0301|

Koncept Fusion Bar and Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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