The Cuban – Broadbeach

Seductive music, ambient lighting, leather chairs, glossy black tables and red décor – welcome to The Cuban.


Jelly, Sunjo, Apple and I were quickly lured in and soon with our glasses full and menus opened.

Jelly, Sunjo and Apples shared Tapas for 3 – Spanish Meatballs, Spicy Sweet Pork, Stuffed Mushrooms, Prawn and Pork Turnover and Prawns in a Spicy Salsa. The pork belly was a neat cube with a glistening caramelised skin; and the mushrooms and meatballs lined up like round little soldiers. The three musketeers were pleased.


I had the Vegetarian Fidels Missile – roasted, sweet and juicy red pepper stuffed with rice, corn, black beans and ratatouille, finished with mozzarella, herbed wedges and Cuban salsa salad. It was a delicious little red package with the rich spiced tomato sauce smothering the diced eggplant and zucchini, beans, corn and rice.


With a vibrant atmosphere and delicious food, The Cuban makes for a perfect night out.

The Cuban | Cnr Surf Parade & Elizabeth Avenue, The Oracle, Broadbeach | 5526 9769|

Cuban on Urbanspoon


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