Mecca Bah – Broadbeach

 In the opulent Oracle Boulevard in Broadbeach, exclusive retail stores, polished fast cars, and the modern Peppers Apartments defines this precinct. Here, Mecca Bah flaunts its Middle Eastern luxuriance – fire lamps, plush gold threaded cushions and seats, expansive open kitchen and bar. Dinner at Mecca Bah with Sunjo and Jelly seemed to be a growing tradition.

We began our Middle Eastern feast with Turkish breads and dips of Hummus, Labna and Baba Gannouj. I love their warm soft breads and the delicious nutty hummus, smooth labna and smoky aubergine in the baba gannouj.


From the Grills, we had Moroccan Spiced Calamari with Tuscan Bean Salad. The squid was tender and soft with a beautiful spice mix and the beans, red onions were lightly dressed with a fresh lemon and oil dressing.


Our Pide of the night: Turkish Lamb Kofte, Spicy Tomato Sauce and Yoghurt. No bites of that from me tonight, but last time we had the Roast Pumpkin, Chili, Pomegranate Jam and Feta which was beautiful. Sweet crisp pumpkin with tart pomegranate and the creamy feta balancing the spicy chili, all held together with the crisp flatbread.


We also had a side of Pilaf :)


For a sweet finish, we had 2 Lady Fingers and 2 Pistachio Maamoul. The Lady Fingers were wrapped in a crisp filo and filled with a sugary, nutty and cinnamony mix. The Pistachio Maamoul had a delicate pistachio shortbread texture with a lingering rose flavour. Just as a side note, the Chocolate and Turkish Delight Brownie with Chocolate Sauce is also a must try!



Mecca Bah never ceases to impress with its gorgeous Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Mecca Bah | 3 Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach | 5504 7754 |

Mecca Bah Gold Coast on Urbanspoon


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