Peel St Kitchen

Across from GOMA and Brisbane’s State Library, on the inconspicuous Peel St, this vibrant and colourful kitchen is hard to miss. With its recent opening, Pooch and I headed here for a nice lunch.



The menu boasted beautiful Asian flavours with hints of Australian throughout- Soft Shell Crab with Pomelo Salad; Reef and Beef Pizza; Fresh Egg Crepes with Prawn, Pork, Coconut; Silken Tofu, Tapioca and Caramel Parfait.

For lunch, Pooch ordered the Lunch Special, Chicken Sourdough Burger with Handcut Chips and Ketchup.


I ordered the 5 Spiced Eggplant with a Crunchy Slaw of Beansprouts, Cabbage, Apple and a fragrant Herb Salad. The eggplants were soft, sweet and nicely spiced and the beautiful Vietnamese mint, peppermint, parsley, coriander and crisp slaw.


Lovely flavours and food, though hard on the wallet, Peel St Kitchen is an ideal place for tapas and drinks.

Peel St Kitchen | 35 Peel St, South Brisbane | 0449 800 655 |
Peel Street Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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