Jellyfish Restaurant – Eagle St Pier

Inside the belly of the beast, its transparent glowing body shone through the sparkling ebony waters outside. This creature of reference is none other than Rhett Willis’s Jellyfish.

Complimentary from the Chef we had Twice Cooked Potato Chips graced by Aoli droplets. A delicately crisp outer with warm soft potato inside with a creamy tang from the aoli, started the night wonderfully.


Next, the entree of Tiger Prawns and Avocado Tian with Crab and Celery Remoulade. The tender prawns crowned the dish with a creamy underbelly of avocado, beautifully soft crab and celery. A kick of lemon and fresh microherbs on the side added more freshness.


Combination of Chilli Roasted Spanish Mackeral Kaffir Lime Mayonnaise and Parmesan Crusted Bream with Aioli. Fish done two ways with a twist on the classic sauces.


Grilled Swordfish with Smoked Tomato Emulsion.


Main of Kingfish, Watermelon, Mint, Cashews and Chilli Jam. A crispy skinned steak of kingfish was accompanied by a colourful herb salad, sweet crunchy watermelon and biting fresh and saucy chilli.


Side of Scorched Peppers plated on Goat Curd and drizzled in Vinegar – smoky, intense and moorish.


Our first dessert was a Flaming Creme Brulee accompanied by a Roasted Banana Ice-cream and Cinnamon Biscotti. Cracking the caramalised surface revealed a rich cream, which was soft yet able to hold shape. The ice-cream was a refreshing contrast with against the scorched hot creme and the spiced biscotti grounded each.


Second dessert was a Valrhona Chocolate Fondant with Cassia Spiced Cherry Compote and a quenelle of Fresh Cream. A rich oozing Valrhona chocolate against the tart spicy cherries and pure cream…bliss.


After a fresh and playful ensemble with variations on the seafood theme, we slipped away, as the Jellyfish danced into the deep sea.

Jellyfish Restaurant |123 Eagle St, Brisbane | 3220 2202 |

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