Stamford Plaza High Tea

Blessed with a blue skyline above the Brisbane River, the marque dining area was truly refreshing. Mum and I went for a fancy Traditional High Tea at Stamford Plaza.


We ordered our teapots of Earl Grey and Jasmine Green Tea and it wasn’t long before our three tier stand was filled. The chef was kind enough to cater for one vegetarian, so at the bottom tier of sandwiches there were: chicken, mayonnaise and lettuce; smoked salmon and cream cheese; ham and peppers; cream cheese and cucumber; egg and lettuce; and a spinach feta pastry. The sandwiches were nice and light but the edges were beginning to dry out.


The second tier of desserts consisted of: vanilla macaron, slice of red velvet cake, berry and chocolate mousse, brownie, fruit tart, cherry coconut slice and a waffle cone filled with chocolate mousse. Each one gorgeously crafted, unique and satisfying for the sweet tooth.


And finally the fruit and plain scones reigned at the top tier. They had a wonderfully soft texture inside.


Overall, a lovely experience with a beautiful view and a very elegant High Tea.

Brisbane High Tea - Stamford Plaza Lobby on Urbanspoon


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