Fishmongers – Burleigh Heads

James St was ever so busy with the Sunday morning crowd of cafe crawlers, froyo youngsters, grocer shoppers and dog walkers. After smothering our feet in the warm sand and water, Red Macaron and I decided to browse the local shops.


Lunch was tapping us on the shoulder and the tempting smell of fish and chips was irresistible. With fresh fish on display, a box of free fish scraps and a queue of hungry customers, we knew this was the perfect place.



We ordered the Fisherman’s Basket with a grilled Dory fillet. With a hot bundle of butcher’s paper, we sat ont eh grass overlookign the vast blue waters and ivory sands. The Dory fillet was moist and tender with the charred flavour of the grill. The Fisherman’s Basket featured calamari rings, scallops, prawn, crumbed fish pieces, potato gems and thick chips. The succulent, slippery pieces of fish coated in a crisp crumb coating were incredible.



With a tummy full of fish, we strolled back along the shoreline, bathing in the sunny ambience.


Fishmongers | 7/9 James St, Burleigh Heads | 5535 2927 |

Burleigh Heads Fishmongers on Urbanspoon


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