Cafe D’Bar

Another warm, cloudless Saturday morning on the coast meant a perfect opportunity for brunch, so Red Macaron, Banana, Dumpling, Sherbet and I made our way south. Nested above the waters of Coolangatta, overlooking the dramatic shoreline which connects to Burleigh and Surfers Paradise, is Cafe D’Bar.


Having just missed the service time for breakfast, we meticulously browsed the lunch menu. After ordering, we seated ourselves on the ground floor in an open dining area relishing the warm sea air and cobalt sky.


Drinks consisted of a colourful quartet: Green Power (apple, pear, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, mint), Summer Surprise (strawberry, rockmelon, mango, orange, apple, watermelon, pineapple, mint), Strawberry (strawberry, watermelon, apple, mint) and Mango Delight (mango and apple).


Our lunch order consisted of:

2 New Orleans Salads – A large pesto glazed fish fillet on a bed of rocquette, pear and parmesan shavings.


Fish of the Day – Barramundi with Aoli served with a crisp salad of julienne carrot, beansprouts, spinach, rocquette, tomato, red onion and cucumber drizzled with a satay dressing.


Fish Burger – Grilled Barramundi topped with lettuce, tomato, aoli, sandwiched in a white toasted bun and a side of salted chips.


Moroccan Salad – Pumpkin, tomato, beetroot, red onion, parmesan, rocquette and spinach, tossed with crispy chickpeas and creamy, tart yoghurt dressing, finished with two moorish portions of grilled haloumi. Sensational taste and texture.


Such a wonderful morning of sharing quality food over good company with a gorgeous view…bliss.


Cafe D’Bar | 275 Boundary St, Coolangatta | 5599 2031 |

Cafe D'Bar on Urbanspoon

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