Grounds of Alexandria

In amongst the large metal warehouses, loading zones and rusted fences stands this early 1900 brick pie factory, home to the Grounds of Alexandria. This grandeur cafe was complete with a herb and vegetable garden, cooking class sheds, and market grounds. One chilly Wednesday morning Mum and I waited at the entrance watching the bustling waiters and waitresses clad in their signature aprons serving warm and happy breakfast go-ers.

We were seated right in front of their Research Facility with a table spread with coffee samples and 2 large black machines – something different to the average cafe! (Unfortunately, didn’t manage to take a photo :( )


Drinks to start: one Mocha and Chai Latte. The warming mellow spices and soft milk of the Chai Latte were a comfort indeed.


For breakfast we shared a meal of Quinoa Rolled Eggs – two glistening white eggs speckled with chewy red quinoa on a garden of fragrant parsley and shoots, young broad beans, asparagus and tender confit potatoes. Each morsel had but a hint of lemon to serve the fresh produce justice.


And a side of bacon for Mum also…

The front counter had a delectable array of beautiful cakes, breads and pastries.


And we had to give Kevin Bacon a little visit too.


A unique cafe providing the diner with beautiful food as well as plenty to see and do.

Grounds of Alexandria | 7A/2 Huntley Street, Alexandra, NSW | 02 9699 2225|

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