Tomodachi – Broadway Mall

Weaving our way through the food court’s maze of tables, chairs and diners, we stood triumphant at the front of Tomodachi. Lovers of Japanese cuisine were flocked around the sushi train and the dining tables with the musical sounds of chopsticks against plate, clattering of bowls and content chatter filled the softly lit restaurant.

The two conveyor belts formed a two way street filled with saucers of hot crispies, seared yummies and poached nibblies; and a gorgeous array of sushi displaying glistening slices of fish, colourful furikake and charred smoky meats. The sushi broke tenderly with every bite; the rice was well seasoned; and each little morsel – a plush pleasure.

Just a taste:

Torched scallop and roe


Seared smoky BBQ salmon with avocado, seafood roll and cream cheese


Inari, carrot, cucumber and avocado


Fresh salmon and seafood salad


Crispy soft-shelled crab with seafood stick, avocado and cucumber


Seafood Udon


The return to sushi bars in Queensland has now become a difficult task…

Tomodachi | Level 2 Food Court, Broadway Mall, Broadway NSW |

Tomodachi on Urbanspoon


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