Flying Fish – Pyrmont

Along a dark deserted pier where black waters lap against the wooden planks, a small bleb of light guided our way to Stephen Seckold’s majestic Flying Fish.


This rustic heritage restaurant was glowing warm amber bound by glass portraits of Sydney Harbour’s sparkling night. Seated next to the Sashimi Bar, we were given the pleasure of observing the chef’s knifework on fresh glistening bars of fish.


As a celebratory dinner, we began with drinks: Mai Tai, Lychee Mocktail and Pineapple Mocktail.


To start, a complementary dish from the Chef– Poppadums with Smoked Salmon Mousse and Wasabi Powder topped with Watercress. Smoky, spicy and sensual.


Then, an entrée of White Soy Torched Scampi Nigiri, Scampi Bisque, Avocado, Furikake and Aged Balsamic. The smoky scampi was cooked to all three gradients: crisp exterior surrounding a well done texture and the medium cooked centre. Each individual grain of rice sung out yet they chorused together like all things glutinous. Then slowly the subtle soft avocado, tart balsamic, strong bisque and sprinklings of furikake cue in.


Mum ordered the Seared Snapper with Aioli, Dijon, Garlic Crisps and Garden Leaves. The snapper was crisp on soft with a delicately beautiful centre matched by contrasting creams and fresh purple green leaves.


Brother’s John Dory lay comfortably atop a bed of creamy earthen sauce paired with a sour rich tamarind then blanketed with Parmesan Shavings, Cauliflower and Roasted Almonds.


My Blue Eyed Travelle, Scallop and Prawn Curry served with Coconut Rice and dazzled with glistening emerald Curry Leaves and Spice Crumbs, Tamarind. The curry sauce had a sweet, creamy and nutty flavour heightened by the sour tamarind sauce tangy curry leaves and fragrant basmati rice. The fish flaked apart like a butterfly unfolding its wings for the first time.


As a side dish: an Orange, Fennel, Chilli and Mint Salad was refreshing, crisp and sharp to the  palate.


 More than satisfied with our beautiful food and excellent waiters, we dived back into the darkness. Alas, we soon found ourselves drawn into the bright lights of The Star.

Flying Fish Restaurant |Jones Bay Wharf, 19-21 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont | (02) 9518 6677|

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