Ground Up Espresso Bar- Toowoomba

Pooch and I thought a visit to our good friend, Strawberry, was long overdue. After a 1.5 hour drive through the wispy dry grasslands, thriving crops and many brown cows, we reached the lovely town of Toowoomba.

After a whirlwind of hugs and squeals, we were in the car again on our way for a proper catch up over coffee. In a back alley decorated with wall art, coffee patrons were seated atop cushioned milk crates and wooden boxes taking in slow sips of coffee and warm bites of pastries. Look up, or you may miss the title to your coffee – Ground Up.

Our beverages: Cappuccino, Soy Latte and White Chocolate Cappuccino.


Pooch had the Brownie – rich, moist cocoa goodness; Strawberry, the Brownie Bite – relished in a few chocolately bites; and myself, the Banana Bread – fragrant banana taste without the sickening sweetness and crunchy nut pieces.



Warm from friendship, caffeine and baked goods, we continued our Toowoomba adventure.


Ground Up Espresso Bar |   Searles Walk 501, Ruthven St, Toowoomba  |
Ground Up Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon


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