Chocolate Cottage Cafe – Toowoomba

In the neat area of Highfields where cottages filled with hand crafted quilts, glassware, teas and sweets line the roads, we find ourselves at the Chocolate Cottage Cafe.

Opening the wooden gate and skipping up the wooden stairs, we enter the heart-warming cottage and were met with delicious savoury smells of soup as well as the essences of sweets and coffee beans. Overlooking the large backyard green and mountain view, we sat ourselves on chairs decorated with sunflowers, jellybeans and polka dots.


Today, Strawberry had a sweet tooth for Waffles – irresistibly crowned with Vanilla Ice-Cream, Strawberries and a sprig of Mint, the sharp crunch and pleased smile told all.


Pooch had the Special of the Day, Marinated Mushroom Burger – rich and fragrant Mushrooms with oozing Haloumi, Tomato, Spinach and a drizzle of Aoli snug in a Herbed Foccacia.


I had the second Special, Spinach and Pumpkin Ravioli – soft Ravioli filled with fresh sweet Pumpkin matched by the tart Sundried Tomatoes, toasted Pine Nuts, Spinach and light White Wine Cream Sauce. Delicious :)



We chatted the afternoon away while our stomachs settled and eventually left with a brown paper bag with Handmade Chocolates.




Chocolate Cottage Cafe | 10475 New England Highway, Highfields 4352 |
Chocolate Cottage Cafe on Urbanspoon


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