Passion Tree – Elizabeth St

Every time Missy K and I walked passed the construction work stating “Passion Tree coming” we would secretly wished it would open its doors for us. Having now been open for a few months, Pooch and I needed somewhere to catch up 6 months worth of conversation.

Passion Tree emulates a French- Taiwanese cafe with wooden chairs, brick wall, faux grass and Beret and checkered clad waiters and waitresses. Behind a glass cabinet is filled with glistening, warm and soft baked breads, biscuits and pastries akin to those found in an Asian bakery; yet right beside it lay rows of colourful frilly footed macarons.




This dainty place provides many options apart from the baked edibles. Enjoy it with Coffee or a Matcha Green Tea Latte, Frozen Yoghurt, Smoothies, or Pingbatsu (Korean shaved ice dessert). Alternatively indulge yourself and try the Chocolate Fondue.

Pooch ordered a Cappucino accompanied by a Vanilla Macaron – a heart-warming bittersweet treat.


I ordered the Chai Latte – smooth and velvety with a delicate chai spice.


A casual, warm and fun spot for good friends and coffee.

Passion Tree

103 Elizabeth St, Brisbane | 3210 1885 |

Passion Tree on Urbanspoon


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