Shabuhouse – Mary St

In  the quiet Mary St where small Asian Grocer Shops and restaurants blend into the CBD background, up some stairs in a clean building next to the chic and modern M on Mary Hotel, you’ll find the spacious and trendy Shabuhouse.


Shabu-shabu is a Japanese meal consisting of a central bubbling pot of soup and many would gather round and tossing in various cuts of meat, fish, vegetables, tofu..(the list goes on). At Shabuhouse, everyone gets their own hotpot and a large buffet of seafood, pork, beef, noodles, vegetables and tofu to choose from to complete their meal.



And if you don’t fancy a nice pot of Shabu shabu, there’s plenty of sushi (salmon and avocado, seaweed salad, tempura prawn, tamago yaki, tuna salad just to name a few) and hot food – takoyaki, tempura vegetables and meat, teppanyaki noodles…



Prices for dinner are around $30 p/person and lunch $20 p/person. For those driving, park in the carpark next to Oaks Festival (Elizabeth St) and present your ticket as you pay at Shabuhouse for a good discount.

With such a generous display of fresh edibles at a bargain price, Shabuhouse is an outstanding Japanese buffet dining experience.


70 Mary St, Brisbane  |  3211 5407 |

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