I love the fire, spice and excitement that Mexican food adds to the dining atmosphere; it’s about the gorgeous people you’re eating with as much as it is about the beautiful food. After the many great reviews and hype…I had to go experience Mamasita. B recommended we head to there for a late lunch after our failed attempt to secure a table last year. Eyes filled with determination, Missy K, Big W, Red Macaron and I attempted round 2…with success!

We started with drinks to celebrate our success: two Aguas frescas (Mexican fruit drink) called Sandia y Toronja – cool, clear and crisp watermelon juice  with a hint of lime and mint. This restaurant boasts over 175 different tequil and mezcal so we would’ve opted for these options were we not driving…


Entrées: Nachos los dos consisted of guacamole – rich avocado with juicy tomato pieces and a slight paprika kick paired with intense and spicy tomato salsa. Elotes callejeros (Street Grilled Corn) – full-bodied parmesan cheese, hot paprika and creamy chipotle mayo coating charred golden kernels of corn.



 We shared Tostadas: 2 rows of neatly aligned little corn crisp tostadas topped with tender shreds of steak and tuna. The tuna was a true highlight  – raw tender tuna morsels coated in a tangy, spicy marinade and avocado base. Unlike anything I’ve ever had before.


We each had one Tacos : Two steak (de Arrachera), one pulled pork (estilo al Pastor) and one black-eyed bean and red cabbage with a squeeze of lime and kick of tobasco sauce (de Ojos de Cabra). I had the latter: fluffy soft tortilla encasing delicate little beans, sweet purple cabbage, soft white cheese and fresh coriander.



For our main we had the Camarones gigantes al ajillo: charred meaty prawns resting on a bed of creamy lime green almond sauce sprinkled with crunchy fried garlic.


Thoroughly enjoyed the lively atmosphere and excellent tasting banquet that brought us all together laughing, sharing stories and with full tummies.



Level 1/11 Collins St, Melbourne |  9650 3821

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