Pop Restaurant – Hardware Lane

After a nice sleep in, Red Macaron and I continued on our food explorations. Fate had brought us back to Hardware Lane and though the temptress Hardware Societe was near, we thought to try somewhere new.

A moderately bustling cafe with French-accented waiters and diners with boards of Crossaints and Baked Eggs in mini pots, we settled at Pop. We planted ourselves outside to breathe in the Sunday morning fresh air.


Red Macaron couldn’t resist the look of a Baked Egg with Chorizo Chunks all bathed in Passata and hot oozing Cheese accompanied by slices of Sourdough Bread. One Latino Breakfast for Red Macaron.


My eyes were drawn to the Goji and Nut Muesli – a thick, creamy muesli with dried sultanas, apricot and pine nuts topped with a gorgeous crimson and tart raspberry compote sprinkled with sweet chewy goji berries. It was divine.


Full and buzzing, we made our way towards the Victoria Markets.


68 Hardware Lane
9642 1341

Pop Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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