LuxBite – South Yarra

Missy K and I had butterflies of excitement as we swiftly made our way down Toorak Rd to the much anticipated LuxBite. Almost a crack in the wall, but walking into its florally refreshing interior we were amazed.

We took a seat at the extravagant marble table but soon found ourselves held back by the glass cabinet full of cakes and macarons – each one crafted to perfection with glossy ganache, frillly macaron feet, straight meringue carvings and spheres of truffle chocolate. Endless Love or Opera of Banoffee? Caramel Cravings or Epic Chocolate Cravings?

Missy K found the one: ‘Be My Love’ – black velvet ganache coating a soft chocolate and raspberry mousse topped with a dehydrated raspberry, tempered white chocolate with sprinkles of gold dust.


Red Macaron couldn’t resist the Best Chocolate Cake awarded by The Foodies’ Guide to Melbourne: Epic Chocolate Cravings – smooth dark Belgian truffle with a crumbly hazelnut base and a sphere of salted caramel.


I eventually picked the Endless Love Tart – a delightful lychee rose mousse encased in a sweet shortcrust pastry topped with plump ruby raspberries.


We also each had rich dark coffee to balance our sugary treats…

This place brought me much happiness in its little delectable sweets that accompanied a long catch up with Missy K and Red Macaron.

:) :)

LuxBite on Urbanspoon


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